We are passionate about creating CONNECTIONS.  
For more than 70 years, Curative Connections has been here to help families, seniors and people with disabilities find support and care due to aging, dementia, brain injury or other disability. Our goal is to help people maintain independence, build skills and provide enriching opportunities for healthy aging. 

But Healthy Aging isn’t just a concept. It’s about people being active in body and mind, building meaningful relationships, learning new things and contributing to their community. Engaging in these types of activities, like we do every day at Curative, helps members maintain their independence and improve and extend their quality of life, while doing things they enjoy and value.  

It’s about you, too. Curative recognizes that self-care and finding balance is important for caregivers as well. That is why you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is receiving person-centered, compassionate care in a safe and comfortable environment at one of our locations, in the home or out in the community.